MSFDN exists to help you reach the deepest depths of your skills and talents. Our drive is ensuring that those who face multiple barriers, have accessible opportunities and experiences needed to achieve a successful life and career.

Our programs and services are designed with a sole purpose to aide you in your quest for a brighter future, whatever that means for you. Whether that’s as an artist, a musician, a motivational speaker, or CEO, MSFDN was designed for you.

MSFDN will help you to develop an armour against inequalities, so that you can thrive and overcome the noise.

Our partners and supporters encompass many groups including parents, advocates, influencers, companies, other charities and so much more. You are the heartbeat of MSFDN. We couldn’t do what we do without you! With your help, we are able to work to create opportunities and positive experiences for disadvantaged and marginalised youth, helping them create and achieve a better life and career.

The kind of work that MSFDN does is not traditional, we take the holistic approach to personal, professional and creative growth and education. We dynamically remix old-school approaches with new innovative ones, while inventing forward-thinking development processes along the way. Things like diversity, inclusion and the promotion of creativity and expression, are at the core of what MSFDN does.

Becoming a contributing partner and supporter of MSFDN means that you support a brighter future for underrepresented youth.

Educational partners and educational supporters are fundamental to what we do here at MSFDN. Diversity, inclusion and the promotion of creativity and expression, are at the core of what MSFDN does.

We exist to help and inspire disadvantaged and marginalised youth to create and innovate. Whether we’re working in partnership with you to create an innovative initiative or working beside you to support the development of your students, your involvement in our work is imperative to enabling youth in our communities to become the very best version of themselves.

With your help, we are able to create opportunities and positive experiences for youth to achieve a better life and career.

Applying and encouraging creativity as a mindset as well as a tool for developing solutions, MSFDN supports marginalised and underrepresented youth disadvantaged by poverty, inequality and lack of opportunity to nurture a positive personal life and successful career, primarily within creative industries.

Inspired by music, fashion, media and other creative industries, MSFDN champions out-of-the-box strategies and initiatives for connection and self-expression, along with PERSONAL · PROFESSIONAL · CREATIVE training, networking, and opportunity.

Established as a charity, MSFDN leads its members to become thriving, successful professionals and creators, embarking on a journey celebrating diverse talent, skills, and practical experiences whilst maintaining health & wellbeing throughout the process.